500 Reflective Dog collar

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Key feature
Strong, durable and water-repellent, this plastic collar makes it easy to spot your dog thanks to its reflective strip. This means that your dog remains visible even at night.

Products benefits

Thanks to its reflective strip, you can locate your dog even in the night.
Breaking resistance
The collar as a whole can withstand over 100kg of traction.
Anatomic design
Easily adjust the collar to your pet with the multiple clamping points
Water resistance
The strap, as well as the rivets and metal components do not absorb water.


Buckles : 100.0% Steel Webbing : 100.0% Polyurethane (PU) Rivet : 100.0% Steel
2 years


A durable and adjustable dog collar: available in different sizes
The size S/M is dimensioned as follows: Length 49cm x Width 2cm (10 holes). It weighs 50g. The size M/L is dimensioned as follows: Length 63cm x Width 2.5cm (13 holes). It weighs 90g. Size S/M: 2 rivets. The M/L size has 4 rivets. Both solid and practical, the collar we present on this page is resistant to brambles, bushes and water. Its key asset? Its reflective strip!
For guaranteed visibility, slip this reflective collar on your dog
Do you enjoy night strolls with your pet in the summer? Do you love jogging early in the morning with your dog, despite the poor lighting conditions? Your evening winter walks often end after the sun sets? Are your hunting trips starting early or ending late, when the sunlight is scarcely or no longer present? Then this reflective strip collar is ideal to easily spot your pet.
In practice, how does the reflective strip help?
The presence of a retro-reflective strip on this collar allows your pet to be seen and noticed, in particular, by drivers and other road users. To avoid potential accidents, and for increased overall safety, this accessory is strongly recommended. The strip reflects the artificial light of headlights or projectors: you are giving your four-legged friend the guarantee of being seen from afar by everyone.
A collar that can be worn at any time and in any place
For all breeds, the regulations state that in public places, or places open to the public, dogs must be kept on a leash. A collar is therefore essential. Besides, it serves as an training tool for the dog. With it, and a leash, you can train your assistant in heeling, then teach him recall, as well as, step by step, walking without a leash. Note that the strap is made of polyurethane, while the buckles and rivets are made of steel.

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