6 things to do before starting the hunt


#1 Put your firearm back into service 

An important thing that many people forget to do, is putting their gun back into service. Here are the three things to check on your gun after it has been on the rack for many months :
- Grease the points of the mechanism as weel as the chokes
- Clean its barrel with a cloth dampened with oil 
- Scrub the butt and forend with furniture oil, then feed the sanded oiled wood with linseed oil 

#2 Aim your weapon

Once you have restored your weapon, it is equally important that you get yourself ready for firing it again by taking aim with it. Taking aim will check for possible distortions to the scope and sight, but it will also get you used to shooting again. 

#3 Check your health

There are still not enough people carrying out these kinds of checks, but a medical examination to check sight, hearing, and heart can prove to be very effective in ensuring safety on the ground.

#4 Check your dog's health 

Dogs, too, might need to be checked before heading out to retrieve game. A visit to the vet will ensure vaccines and other treatments are up to date. It will also highlight any joint problems in older dogs that could cause your dog pain during the hunt.

#5 Prepare your equipment

Nowadays, safety is a key element of hunting. For this it is essential that equipment is checked before the first excursions. Here is the list of objects that you must make absolutely sure you have for a safe hunt :
- Fluorescent : Although not required in all departments, fluorescent is an essential tool for being seen and even more so when the vegetation is dense.
- A telephone : whether you are hunting alone or with others, it is essential to have a phone to hand so that you can quickly call for help in case of problems.
- Water : Water is also an essential item, for both dogs and hunter since dehydration can actually affect one's safety.
- Spare clothes : Comfort when hunting allows you to focus on the environment; if you are wet when you are hunting or feel uncomfortable, your reactions could alter and you might make errors when shooting.

#6 Stay informed of laws and safety regulations 

Before the start of each season, you can contact departmental federations and other hunting associations (ACCAs) to inform yourself of current legislation on hunting plans for different species and which territories your hunting rights extend into.
ACCAs, private hunts and directors of battues must also be able to remind you of all the safety regulations whether for small game, open-field hunting or large game in battues.