How to successfully perform a dog food transition

Dogs are just as difficult as humans, if not more, when it comes to their diet. In order to change to a different dry dog food it is necessary to follow a few simple rules to ensure a smooth transition. A sudden change in diet can be dangerous for your pet's body.

This article will advise you on how to successfully make the transition from an old dry dog food to a new one.

The fundamental factor of a good transition is time. Therein lies the key to a successful change in diet. A transition that is too short can result in your dog suffering from diarrhoea, weight loss and weakened health. To avoid this, we recommend a transition period of at least two weeks.

Starting the transition :

Before you begin, make sure you have enough dry food to last the duration of the transition. If this is not the case, delay the transition.

If you have enough food to cover a minimum of two weeks, start mixing the new food in with the old. If you were feeding your dog once a day, this is also an opportunity to split this into two, once in the morning and once in the evening, making it easier for your pet to digest the food thanks to the smaller portion size. On the other hand, do not go from two meals a day to only one as the change will be too sudden for your dog.

Each day, increase the dose of the new food a little more.

After a week your dog will begin to get used to the new food and you should be at 50% old food and 50% new.

If, at this stage, your dog is experiencing loose bowel movements, do not worry, some dogs take longer to get used to a new diet as they are more sensitive, so take your time and remain at this level for a few days longer before continuing the transition. If this is not the case, continue to gradually increase the dose so that at the end of the two weeks, your dog's bowl contains 100% of the new food. Feel free to prolong the period by a week if your dog has loose stools.


Monitor your dog :

Each dog is different, it is essential to find the right dose to keep them in shape.

Using the diagram below, you can estimate the current condition of your dog which will enable you to adapt his diet or daily intake accordingly.


1- Very thin 2- Thin 3- Ideal weight 4- Overweight 5- Obese
Dog Very Thin Solognac Dog Thin Solognac Dog Ideal Weight Dog Overweight Solognac Dog Obese Solognac


Case n°1 : If your dog is in case 1 and you follow the recommended doses, this means that the product is not suitable for the activity level of your dog, you must therefore change to a range of food that provides more fat and more protein. Your dog will gradually return to a healthy weight.

Case n°2 : In case 2, your dog is a little too thin, you just need to increase his daily intake and switch to food with a higher protein content during periods of activity so that your dog can regain muscle mass.

Case n°3 : If your dog looks like figure 3, do not change anything, your dog is in tip-top shape. Just adapt his food during the activity period to ensure that he has sufficient energy.

Case n°4 : In case 4, your dog is slightly overweight, nothing serious, you just need to reduce his recommended daily intake and take him outside so that he can get rid of the excess fat and get back into shape 

Case n°5 : In figure 5, the dog is overweight. If your dog looks like this, be careful, excess weight can make a dog suffer. We recommend that you switch to a diet lower in fat, which will let you control your dog's weight. Walk your dog as often as possible, frequent exercise remains the best way to keep your dog in shape.


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